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Leave a Legacy

Mitchell Society

Dr. MitchellDr. Samuel Brown Wylie Mitchell left an enduring legacy by founding Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity in 1850. You too can leave a legacy and ensure that Phi Kappa Sigma and “The Phi Kappa Sigma Experience” will remain Stellis Aequus Durando - “Equal to the Stars in Endurance”!

Mitchell Society” members are those Brothers who have included Phi Kappa Sigma in their estate plans. Through Bequests, Insurance Policies, Endowments, Charitable Gift Annuities, and Charitable Remainder Trusts, “Mitchell Society” members understand the importance of ensuring that Phi Kappa Sigma’s educational programs and services are available far into the future. Gifts such as these allow individuals and families to invest in and support Phi Kappa Sigma, guaranteeing its success for future generations.

The Phi Kappa Sigma Foundation invites you to become a Mitchell Society member today.

Legacy Gifts

Legacy Gifts are large gifts that make an major and significant impact on the Phi Kappa Sigma experience through the educational scope of the Phi Kappa Sigma Foundation. Legacy gifts may be made by individuals, families, or groups of interested donors.

Planned Giving

Planned Gifts are substantial gift to the Phi Kappa Sigma Foundation that involve financial or estate planning by the donor. They are creative ways for caring people to support the Foundation, often resulting in larger gifts to the organization and favorable tax benefits to the donor. Planned gifts may include these:

Charitable Gift Annuities

An irrevocable agreement between a donor and the Foundation. The donor makes a one-time tax-deductible gift. The Foundation invests and manages the gift, and pays the donor a fixed annuity for life. Upon death, the remainder goes to the Foundation to carry out its charitable and educational purposes.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

A donor transfers cash or equities irrevocably to a trust, which is invested and man­aged by the Foundation. The donor receives fixed or fluctuating income payments for life. Upon the death of the donor or named beneficiaries, the Foundation receives the remainder of the trust.

Charitable Lead Trusts

Similar to a Charitable Remainder Trust, except that the Foundation receives income from the trust for a certain number of years, after which the remainder is paid to beneficiaries named by the donor.

Pooled Income Funds

A donor transfers cash or appreciated securities irrevocably. Much like a mutual fund, inter­est and dividend income are paid annually to the donor and/or beneficiaries; upon their deaths, the remainder is distrib­uted to the Foundation.

Life Insurance

A donor names the Foundation as a beneficiary of a policy or gives a fully paid policy to it. Donors enjoy the leverage of making a major charitable gift at a fraction of the face value of the policy.


The Foundation is named to receive either a stated dollar amount, a percentage or the remainder of a donor’s estate.

Earmarking a Gift

Legacy Gifts and Planned Gifts may be made to support the general fund of the Phi Kappa Sigma Foundation to be allocated by the Foundation Board of Directors. Legacy and Planned Gifts may also directed to support a specific purpose or project, subject to the approval of the Foundation, meaning the purpose or project must be supportive of the mission of the Foundation. Some examples of earmarks might include:

  • Scholarships memorialize or honor a Brother Phi Kap
  • Scholarships for a specific recipient base
  • Endowment of an educational program
    • Men of Honor
    • Carroll K. Simons Institute
    • Regional Leadership Conferences
    • Phi Kappa Sigma Male College
    • Grand Chapter Educational Sessions
    • Risk Management Seminars
  • Endowment of Educational/Leadership Consultant positions on the Fraternity Staff


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