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Crikey Needs a Plane Ticket
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Crikey Needs a Plane Ticket!

There’s more than a little nostalgia in Louis’s voice when he tells me about his time as an exchange student at UC-Riverside, especially his time at Beta Rho. In a thick Australian accent, which he insists makes his stories inevitably better than yours, he tells me about coming to America in 2002 and his induction into Greek life, which started out shaky, to say the least:

“There was this real nice sorority girl taking me around to all the different fraternities.” (At this point, Louis didn’t even know what rush was.) “First, I went to FIJI, which I thought was a club for people who loved traveling to the Pacific Islands.”

“You guys must really like Fiji!” he said with all the earnestness expected of an Aussie in boardshorts and hiking boots. “How often do you go there?”

A few more stories makes the answer obvious, but I ask him anyway: What does Phi Kap means to you?

In a uniquely humorless moment of our conversation, he answers, “The brotherhood felt just like being home—still does—which was just amazing for a lonely exchange student.”

This is all to preface his request for us to plug the fundraiser he made so he can fly out to the wedding of one of his Beta Rho pledge brothers.

Louis, who couldn’t avoid the nickname Crikey, tells too many stories to write here, from his first experience with American Football, which came in the form of an active member with 50 pounds on him, to parking his VW Kombi on the campus lawn to get a better view of a Jurassic 5 concert. Then there was the time Crikey performed a Steve Irwin routine with Brother Greg Bristow that won Best Act at DG’s Anchor Splash.

Louis has made four trips to the States since his year-long study abroad. Mostly he goes to weddings, and several pledge brothers went to his back in Perth.

But this time it’s trickier. With a young business and family at home, traveling—especially internationally—is tough; additionally, he adds, “The wedding is in Canada, and since Jim’s not the most organized of men, I only had a couple months’ notice of his wedding date.”

The wedding is at the end of this month, and with plane tickets averaging at around A$ 2,000 (that’s roughly $1,600 in real money), every little bit counts. Even if you never met Louis, even if you’re not a Beta Rho alumnus, if you are able, consider a quick $10 donation to help get the Aussie to the American wedding in Canada.

To donate to Louis’s fundraiser, click here.

Note: As of 11:45 AM EST, Thursday, January 11, 2018, Louis has raised $879 of his $2,000 goal.

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