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Updates and messages from the Grand Alpha and other board members.


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May 2018

Posted By Mike Palladino, Wednesday, May 2, 2018
Updated: Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Spring is underway. By the end of this month, most of you will be done with classes and enjoying your summer. Maybe you’ll go to work; maybe you’ll take summer classes; maybe you’ll spend three months alternating between laying by the pool and standing at the grill. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy it! You passed your finals. You deserve it.

If you’re graduating, I want to congratulate you on behalf of the Fraternity. When you walk across that stage, whichever stage that is, and collect your diploma (or a bill for that library book you lost freshman year), you will be ready to join the workforce and use all that information you’ve accumulated over the last four years. The book learning you did in your classes, the professional development you got from all your jobs and internships and networking events, and the personal growth you experienced during your time at Phi Kap will all prove priceless out here in the real world.

And for all you young alumni wondering about next steps, I want to remind you Phi Kappa Sigma is having its first-ever Alumni Enrichment Program on Saturday, May 12, at my alma mater, Georgia Tech. If you have ever had questions related to life after graduation, from finances to family planning to preparing for retirement to balancing your personal life with your career and your family, you need to attend this program. Register before it’s too late. This program is for Phi Kaps of all ages, though there is added value for you younger alumni whose experience in the real world is limited.

I am also proud to congratulate the men of the Delta Eta Colony at McDaniel College on their imminent chartering. These men have worked tirelessly with headquarters staff and volunteers to prepare to receive the Delta Eta Charter. The Fraternity could not be prouder of this dedicated group of soon-to-be Phi Kaps. Anyone who would like to attend the chartering ceremony should RSVP as soon as possible. A reception will immediately follow the ceremony.

Please continue to encourage your undergraduate brothers to apply for Foundation scholarship awards. The application deadline has been extended to May 15, so take advantage of the opportunity. The scholarship pool has been raised to $88,000 with 80% of that being awarded on a “needs” basis.

Maltese Cross is out! Have you received your copy? If not, there’s a chance we’re missing an up-to-date address attached to your account on Update your account, or contact our office at or by calling (317) 853-1234. This year’s issue focuses on the artistic achievements of Phi Kaps throughout history.

Be sure to register for the 99th Grand Chapter at For more information on what to expect in New Orleans this summer, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter, where we will be posting tourist tips, recommendations on what to do in the Big Easy, and other important Grand Chapter information.



Mike Palladino
Alpha Nu, Georgia Tech 2004
Grand Alpha

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April 2018

Posted By Mike Palladino, Tuesday, April 3, 2018
Updated: Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Grand Alpha Update: Sexual Assault Awareness Month


This year, the theme for Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) is embrace your voice, and we encourage all victims of sexual violence to come forward knowing they are doing so with the support and encouragement of their family, friends, and colleagues.

Our Fraternity (indeed all fraternities) plays a crucial role in the fight against sexual violence. As this month’s email newsletters say, if we refuse that responsibility, we don’t deserve it.

There are plenty of ways to raise awareness for the sexual assault epidemics that plague our schools and workplaces. We at HQ have taken the liberty of outlining a few of them.

1.      Participate in RAINN Day (Thursday, April 6).

RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network) is an annual day of action that raises awareness for and educates students on sexual violence on college campuses. To take part, simply host an event—any event—that's purpose is to educate on important issues related to sexual assault like bystander intervention, the definition of consent, and how to support victims. For more information, visit RAINN’s website at

2.      Participate in Denim Day (Wednesday, April 25)

In 1992, a middle-aged driving instructor in Italy picked up an 18-year-old girl for her first lesson. During the lesson, he overpowered and raped her for over an hour. When it was over, he told her if she told anyone, he would kill her. She told her parents anyway, who helped her bring charges against the man. After being convicted and sentenced, the Italian Supreme Court overturned the decision and exonerated the driving instructor, stating that the jeans worn by the victim were too tight to have been removed without her help, thus making the act not rape but consensual sex. The next day, women in the Italian Parliament wore jeans as an act of protest. Every year since, people across the world take part in Denim Day to show solidarity against dangerous attitudes and misconceptions about sexual violence. Show your support by wearing jeans on April 25. You can also register for the event or purchase low-cost toolkits for future events here.

Send pictures of you and your friends and chapter brothers taking part in this important day of action to

You can also share the resources that will be posted throughout the month on the Phi Kappa Sigma HQ social media pages to your chapter’s accounts, especially the National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673. The more people know about SAAM, the better equipped they will be to prevent sexual violence.

Whatever you are thinking about doing to raise awareness, do it. The world needs action.

Thanks to groundbreaking events over the last year including the emergence of the #metoo and #timesup movements, the problems our society faces in the form of under-reported and under-publicized sexual violence is gaining national attention.

It’s on us to change the culture that allows sexual violence to occur. Our leadership will allow others to raise their voices as well. Thank you.


Mike Palladino
Alpha Nu, Georgia Tech ‘04

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Executive Director Takeover

Posted By Libby Anderson, Friday, March 2, 2018

Grand Alpha Updates
Executive Director Takeover

Hello, Phi Kaps!

I want to take this opportunity to express how excited I am to be joining the Phi Kappa Sigma team. My passion for the success of the interfraternal industry started during my time as an undergraduate sorority woman at the University of Missouri. I felt so empowered by this experience, in fact, that I chose to pursue my graduate degree at Indiana State University in student affairs administration so I could work to ensure a positive experience for all those in the interfraternal community.

The focus of my career has been on helping those young men and women achieve their highest potentials in line with their organizations’ values. I bring many years of experience to Phi Kappa Sigma and look forward to sharing the Fraternity’s future successes with Phi Kaps everywhere.

I’m no stranger to working in a fraternity.  For the past 10 years, I was on staff with Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity and served most recently as the Assistant Executive Director of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity. During this time, I worked directly with chapters to improve their growth, risk reduction, education, campus relations, and alumni engagement. I am excited to work with you all in any area to ensure a positive Phi Kap experience.

I have been a lead facilitator for NIC (the North-American Interfraternity Conference) programs for many years and have served on the National Council and Foundation Board of Directors for my own Sorority, Alpha Epsilon Phi. Needless to say, my life revolves around the success of the interfraternal community, and I take great pride in the in the roles I have been fortunate to have in this industry.

The success of Phi Kappa Sigma is my number-one priority. I believe if we are successful in what we do, our peers will follow suit. I encourage all of you to reach out with your questions. 

Don't forget to register for Grand Chapter 2018, and check out this month's article on thee-time Olympian Sean Halsted, who will be competing in the Paralympic Games in PyeongChang next week in adaptive Nordic skiing and the biathlon.



Libby Anderson
Executive Director

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Special Announcement - New Executive Director Hired

Posted By Mike Palladino, Friday, February 16, 2018
Updated: Friday, February 16, 2018


I am excited to announce the hiring of a new Executive Director for our Fraternity.  Please join me in welcoming Elizabeth “Libby” B. Anderson to our staff, and read more about her background via our press release.  She will start in her new role at our HQ in Carmel, Indiana on Monday, February 26th.

Current Executive Director Timothy Schug, Alpha Epsilon (Illinois Institute of Technology) ‘07 will transition into a new role where he will assume responsibility for all administrative and technical operational aspects of Fraternal activities.  Tim has served in a number of roles on staff, including Executive Director, Director of Chapter Operations, and Director of Chapter Services, since first joining the headquarters staff in 2012.   Both individually and collectively, the Executive Committee is grateful for Tim’s time as Executive Director and looks forward to success in his new role on staff for years to come.

Incoming Executive Director Libby Anderson has served in Greek Life leadership roles at Mount Union College, the University of Central Missouri, Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, and most recently as Assistant Executive Director of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity.  Her extensive fraternal background includes educational programming, finance, foundation support, human resources, project management, crisis management, expansion, contract negotiation, and fundraising.  She has also served as a director of the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Foundation, a lead facilitator for programs of the North-American Interfraternity Conference, a member of the Fraternity and Sorority Assessment Coalition Project and a member and volunteer for the Fraternity Executives Association. She has been awarded the Riegelman-Jacobs Award for Outstanding Service to the Interfraternal Community from Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, the Jack L. Anson Award for Interfraternity Excellence from Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, and the Distinguished Service Award from the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors. Libby also has the professional credential of Certified Association Executive, a distinction which less than five percent of association professionals hold.

The Fraternity’s Board felt strongly that the time had come for a visionary leader who could lead the Fraternity into the next decade.  I am sure this announcement will generate a number of questions so I have tried to address some of them below, but as always, I encourage you to contact me at for any further questions you may have.



Mike Palladino (Alpha Nu ’04)

Grand Alpha


2020 Strategic Plan

Why is this change happening?

The Fraternity’s Executive Committee made a decision in summer 2017 to begin a search for a new Executive Director to lead the HQ, in order to re-align staff to roles that are a better fit their experience, background, and interests.  Additionally, the Executive Committee wanted to re-focus to the long-term strategic direction of the organization.

Why didn’t we hire a Phi Kap?  Is this even allowed?

Clearly, the preference is to have our organization led by a Phi Kap.  That being said, the Executive Committee was focused on finding a leader that had the right background, skillset, and demonstrated experience in a fraternal non-profit executive role.  While we did conduct interviews within Phi Kap as part of our search process, the right candidate that had the right combination of qualifications was outside our organization.

In terms of the Constitution & Acts, our undergraduate members democratically passed legislation at Grand Chapter in 2014 that allows the Executive Committee to hire a non-member by majority vote if a Phi Kap is not found to be viable for the position.  The Executive Committee followed the constitutional process to hire a non-member, including a unanimous 7-0 vote of the Executive Committee, per Act 4, Section 9 of the Constitution & Acts.

Additionally, the Executive Committee retained outside legal counsel to review the Constitution & Acts for an expert third-party assessment of the process, and to ensure the constitutional compliance of an outside hire.  To conduct that review, the Indiana-based firm of Faegre, Baker, and Daniels was retained, particularly because of their experience with fraternal hiring, as they have done extensive legal work for the National Interfraternity Conference (NIC), as well as many Indiana-based fraternities and sororities.

Why did we hire a woman to run a men’s organization?

When the Fraternity’s Executive Committee identified the Executive Director Job requirements, the focus was on finding a visionary leader with fraternal non-profit executive experience, deep ties to the larger fraternal community, and proven success across a wide range of fraternal initiatives.  As an organization, we have a long history of “firsts” in the fraternal world.  In line with our forward-thinking history, the Executive Committee believed that it was more important to find the right leader to move forward than it was to find a male.  Additionally, we have had multiple Executive Directors over the past few years, creating instability within our HQ staff, and making it challenging to achieve our goals.  The Executive Committee felt that it was critical to find a leader with demonstrated success in an executive role in order to ensure stability, re-focus our long-term strategy, and develop a strong foundation for the future. 

Why is Libby a good fit for the position?

Libby has been involved in Greek and Student Life for 20 years, having served in various roles on 5 college campuses as well as two national fraternal men’s organizations, both of which are currently larger than Phi Kap.  In her most recent role as the Asst. Executive Director at Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, she guided the organization through a major growth phase, has extensive experience guiding Foundation efforts, crisis management, developing programming, managing budgets, and implementing large conferences including curriculum development. Her extensive background and experience is an excellent fit to lead Phi Kap into the future.

Who was involved with this process?

The search process was conducted between October 2017 and February 2018.  Every candidate (both Phi Kap and non-Phi Kap) went through multiple interviews with various stakeholders in the organization to ensure evaluation from multiple angles.  We purposefully had a slow and deliberate process to ensure we found the right person for the position with a consensus across all of the interview teams.

The Executive Committee is sincerely grateful for all of the various members who participated and provided feedback/recommendations during the entire interview process:

Representing our volunteers:

  • Region 2 Grand Delta Trevor Wiles  (Carthage ‘14)
  • Region 6 Grand Delta Daniel Heiss (Washington State ‘09)

Representing the Foundation:

  • David DuPont (Penn ‘67)
  • CT Benis (Washington ‘84)
  • Peter Nichols (Washington ‘80)

 Representing our HQ Staff:

  • Assistant Executive Director, Tim Schug (IIT, '07)
  • Director of Health and Housing, Ben Fournier (Maine ‘13)
  • Educational Consultant, James Coffman (North Texas ‘15)

All seven members of the Executive Committee:

  • Grand Alpha, Mike Palladino (Georgia Tech ‘04)
  • Grand Beta, Dave Smith (New Hampshire ‘06)
  • Grand Pi, Ron Stranix (Ursinus ‘12)
  • Grand Sigma, Sean McCann (IIT ‘05)
  • Grand Tau, Toby Smith (Richmond, '83)
  • Grand Theta, Matt DeVries (UC Riverside ‘10)
  • Grand Theta, Brendon Egan (Mass-Lowell ‘10)

Will it be a problem that Libby is not initiated and can’t participate in secret activities?

While the Executive Director does on occasion participate in “secret” activities such as chartering ceremonies, initiation, and Grand Chapter meetings held under Ritual, they are not the only staff resource available to conduct or assist with those activities. While it will require a bit more planning, it will be business as usual for initiated HQ staff to support those activities.

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Men of Honor 2018 and Helping Our Phi Kap Family

Posted By Mike Palladino, Friday, February 2, 2018


Today is February 1st, which means we’re about 8 percent through 2018. Do you feel different? Have you kept your resolution? This time of year, it is not only fashionable to want to improve ourselves, but it is necessary. The world has an obligation to be better and so do we.

Perhaps it’s fitting that the Fraternity’s first official action of 2018 was Men of Honor. The opportunity to come together in our grandest exchange of ideas, best practices, and cultivation of leadership was the best thing we could have done after a stressful year that included uprooting to Indiana from our longtime home in Chester Springs, PA, and seeing one of our nearest and dearest, Deb Kurynny, off as she begins the next chapter of her life.

Men of Honor 2018 was one for the books, as those of you who attended know. We had more—a lot more—undergraduates register than ever before (almost 120!), and our team of dedicated facilitators and staff ensured everyone who showed up took valuable insights on organizational leadership back to their chapters. We expect nothing less than good vibes and upward momentum for those chapters whose Men of Honor participants immersed themselves completely in the program.

At the same time, the reboot of the Ambassador program primed a class of outstanding undergraduates for a future of outstanding service to the Fraternity. Beyond a similar level of leadership development as Men of Honor participants, the first rebooted class of Phi Kappa Sigma ambassadors have set themselves up for future involvement in the Fraternity long after graduation. I couldn’t be prouder of their dedication.

Throughout the latter half of 2017, Headquarters staff and the Executive Committee raced to transition everything to our new home with our new staff members focusing on new programs, some of which are reboots of older programs and some are entirely new. We could not have done it without our good friend and closest ally, Deb Kurynny.

Deb’s transition into semi-retirement took an unexpected and heartbreaking turn late last month when her husband, Vic (Drexel ’98) was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Vic is a dedicated father, a Brother, and among the most compassionate men. Eager and proud to see the Fraternity succeed, Vic gave his time as a handyman and landscaper at the old Headquarters in Chester Springs.

Vic is currently receiving treatment at a VA hospital far away from his family and friends, and the travel expenses have proved a burden to the Kurynny family. I ask that those able make a donation to Vic’s GoFundMe page so that we, his Brothers, can help offset the monetary cost of this horrible disease. You can donate by clicking here. Your generosity during this difficult time is invaluable to the Kurynnys.

As always, keep up the good work, gentlemen. I’ll see you in New Orleans.



Mike Palladino
Alpha Nu, Georgia Tech, ‘04
Grand Alpha 

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Largest Initiation Class Ever at Alpha Eta

Posted By Mike Palladino, Monday, December 4, 2017


Check it out. This is Alpha Eta at South Carolina…well, not all of them. This is Alpha Eta’s newly-initiated Fall 2017 new member class, all 35 of them! This is their largest initiation of new members ever. Congratulations to the men of Alpha Eta on this incredible accomplishment!

When stories like this reach my desk, I am most proud to serve as your Grand Alpha. Knowing a group this big was able to come together, go through The Pillars, and take part in our Ritual as a collective makes the work we do here on the Fraternity’s Executive Committee and Headquarters worth it.

This is not just a victory for Alpha Eta; it is a victory for the entire Fraternity. Accomplishments like this say a lot about a chapter and how it is being run, and ultimately it sets the tone for years to come. Times like this are why we do what we do. I have no doubt every one of these Phi Kaps will continue to grow into the leaders, scholars, brothers, and gentlemen we expect them to be.

I would be remiss if I did not also congratulate Alpha Eta’s Iota, Zach Thayer, the Alpha Eta Executive Board, and all active members of Alpha Eta for making this achievement possible. Without you and your efforts, there is no Phi Kappa Sigma at the University of South Carolina. These men owe much of their success to you. We look forward to hearing more from Alpha Eta in the weeks, months, and years to come. Congratulations again.

Alpha Eta has come a long way, largely due to their own hard work and dedication to the Fraternity’s values and goals. They also receive help from Headquarters in the form of leadership institutes and regular oversight by their educational consultant.

In order to provide our chapters with the help and resources they need to be successful, we rely on your generous contributions to the Phi Kappa Sigma Foundation. As we dive into the holiday season, I ask that your support continues, so we can advance our 2020 Strategic Plan without sacrificing the quality of the resources we provide to our undergraduate members.

Indeed, your tax-deductible holiday gift to us will fund $80,000+ in need- and merit-based scholarships as well as our Men of Honor Leadership Institute.

There are several ways to support Phi Kappa Sigma today:

  • Donate online at Gifts are tax-deductible and are acknowledged in writing.
  • Set up a recurring donation (same link).
  • Matching gifts--Many companies have a matching gift program that can multiply your support. Please ask your company’s HR representative for the necessary forms to send with your gift.
  •  Do all your gift buying this season on Amazon Smile, which will automatically contribute to the Phi Kappa Sigma Foundation with every purchase. Instructions can be found here.

Again, we thank you on behalf of the thousands of alumni and undergraduate members whose lives are impacted by your generosity.




Mike Palladino
Alpha Nu ‘04
Grand Alpha

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Action in Times of Crisis

Posted By Mike Palladino, Monday, November 6, 2017


Once again, our nation has been struck with tragedy. Over the weekend a lone gunman opened fire on parishioners at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, during Sunday service. At least 26 people were killed, their ages ranging from 5 to 72. It is an event rooted in hatred that goes against everything good people value. It makes all of us less safe knowing a child cannot go to church on Sunday without his or her life being taken in another senseless mass shooting or that a man just out of college cannot walk down the street in New York City without being a target of terrorism. It leaves us all feeling lost, scared, and alone.

On behalf of Phi Kappa Sigma, I want to assure those affected by recent events that we stand with you in solidarity. Whether you are in Texas or New York or Las Vegas or anywhere else that has been a target of senseless violence and murder, we are here for you. To any Phi Kaps affected, our office is yours to contact if you need anything at all. We’re here, and if we cannot help directly, we will find someone who can.

Truly the saddest part is we already know what to say. We know what to say, but, unfortunately, very few of us know what to do. We are at a point where social media activism is not enough. There is peace to be found in helping others, which is why our Fraternity focuses so heavily on community service and involvement. Sometimes it is just difficult to know where to start.

That is why I am calling on all Phi Kaps, undergraduate and alumni, to take tangible steps toward making this world a better place. Do something today that helps others. The world appreciates your thoughts and prayers, but that can no longer be where we stop. I ask everyone reading this to do what you can for those affected by the unrest in our world. If you are able, donate blood or plasma. Give what you can to organizations helping communities and families rebuild. Organize a fundraiser (which can be done now with just a click). We can no longer sit idly by and do nothing.

I am exhausted and heartbroken to be writing another one of these statements. I, like all of you, just want peace. So please, do one thing today that helps others—and that’s where we’ll start.


Mike Palladino
Alpha Nu ‘04
Grand Alpha

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Time to Give Thanks

Posted By Mike Palladino, Wednesday, November 1, 2017


I trust everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. November has begun, and it is clear to see the holiday season is upon us. Whether you live for Christmas music, pumpkin spice, and cold weather or you cannot stand it, I hope you can appreciate this time of year as our best opportunity to look back on 2017 and remember the things we did right, learn from our mistakes, and look forward to what we will do next year.

I am enthusiastically looking ahead to 2018, especially Men of Honor in January and Grand Chapter in August. With registrations coming in for Men of Honor and early bird registration opening on 15 November for the 99th Grand Chapter in New Orleans, it is hard not to get excited.

As the Phi Kappa Sigma Board, Foundation, and staff work hard to make sure we meet our goals for growth, alumni outreach, and member development outlined in our 2020 Strategic Plan, I can’t help but be grateful for all the hard work they have done to ensure our undergraduate experience is the best it can be. Things are looking up.

Fall is a time for all of us to give thanks. When the weather gets cold and we settle into our routines at work and school, we find ourselves with time to reflect on how lucky we are to have the support of our members, whose generous contributions fund scholarships and quality development programs for our undergraduate members. It is because of these programs that our chapters are increasingly well-managed, and our members are better equipped for life after college.

To alumni members, I say thanks. Thank you for the kindness and support we feel in everything you do, from the donations you make to your engagement on social media. We appreciate it all and look forward to expanding our alumni outreach so that you always feel at home when you hear the name Phi Kappa Sigma. We appreciate your continued support.

2017 is winding down. Those looking to make their final end-of-year tax-deductible gifts to Phi Kappa Sigma online can do so here. We rely on and are grateful for your support.

To undergraduate members, I hope you take advantage of these programs. Men of Honor registration closes on 30 November, and we want to see as many of you there as possible. You and your chapter/colony are better with you having gone. Just listen to what your brothers had to say about the program in our new Men of Honor promotional video. This is your best opportunity to meet Phi Kap undergraduates and alumni from across North America further your development as brothers and leaders on your life-long journey to becoming men of honor.

On behalf of Phi Kappa Sigma, have a great Thanksgiving and an awesome November.


Mike Palladino
Alpha Nu ‘04
Grand Alpha

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Happy Founders' Day

Posted By Mike Palladino, Thursday, October 19, 2017


On behalf of the Phi Kappa Sigma Board and staff, happy Founders’ Day to our brothers around the world. On this day in 1850, seven men led by Dr. Mitchell determined that they would start a fraternal organization based on, among other things, the promotion of good fellowship, the cultivation of social virtues, the protection of just rights, and the advancement of best interests for its members.

Today, we celebrate 167 years of Phi Kaps studying our Ritual and letting our core values guide them on their journeys to becoming men of honor. We reflect on the charitable works of those who came before us, the change they inspired in their communities and the world, and the future of our organization, which is as bright now as it ever was.

We are fortunate to have had such an illustrious history that embraces what it means to be a brother, a scholar, a leader, and a gentleman. Our alumni have continued to prove that, through tangible service efforts and innovation, real values-based change can take place in our schools, businesses, and communities. Since the earliest days of our Fraternity, Phi Kaps have gone on to shape the world we live in through politics, science, and pop culture. Our goal is always to keep it that way—to inspire positive change in a world that needs it.

Systemic shifts in college culture in recent years have put organizations like ours at risk. Rampant drug and alcohol abuse, sexual assault, and hazing allegations plague major universities and threaten the very existence of Greek communities everywhere. Our ability to operate as a Fraternity is left vulnerable by these shifts, which can make it hard or even impossible to use the fraternal experience to develop our members into men of honor.

We are combating this at the international level every way we can. At the recent NIC conference, Phi Kappa Sigma expressed its support for a proposal that would require fraternities like ours to create a Good Samaritan Policy, which would encourage immediate action to be taken for individuals needing medical attention without the fear of disciplinary action. We are also in support of a measure that would provide baseline health and safety programming to chapters of NIC member fraternities. We support these measures in the hopes that they will create safer environments for our undergraduate members and enhance, not inhibit, the college fraternal experience, and we look forward to providing updates on these initiatives at next year’s 99th Grand Chapter in New Orleans.

We are hard at work creating and developing programs meant to improve all our chapters; however, we all know change happens on the individual level. What I ask on this Founders’ Day is that we not celebrate it like an anniversary; rather, put it into context, and treat it as an opportunity to realign with the Fraternity’s ideals. Take this chance to consider what our core values, those of trust, honor, respect, knowledge, wisdom, responsibility, and integrity, mean to you, and work every day to apply them to your life. It also means we need to hold our brothers accountable to those same standards.

Time and time again we read about or experience tragedies that put lives—not to mention the organization—at risk. We are determined to prevent this. Listen to your gut. If a situation seems risky, or if someone in your chapter or colony is not behaving the way you think a man of honor should behave, step in. Say something. Your decision to intervene in a risky situation could save another person’s reputation, safety, or life. Be proud and mindful when you watch out for each other. You are, in fact, your brother’s keeper.

Situational awareness and the ability to prevent risky situations within your chapters and campuses are what leadership institutes like Men of Honor are for. Every year, undergraduates from every chapter come together to exchange skills and best practices that make Phi Kappa Sigma an outstanding fraternal organization. We pride ourselves not only on setting high standards for all our members, undergraduate and alumni, but on providing programming opportunities whereby those standards can be realistically met. Our biggest strength isn’t that we police our chapters but that we give you the tools needed to police them yourself. With the registration link open for Men of Honor 2018, now is the best time for you to go on a journey that will assist your development according to our values and ensure the longevity of our chapters. Take advantage of it.

Happy Founders’ Day again, Brothers. We will see you at Men of Honor 2018.


Mike Palladino (Alpha Nu '04)
Grand Alpha


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Start of the Year

Posted By Mike Palladino, Monday, October 2, 2017
Updated: Monday, October 2, 2017


Before I begin my monthly post, I want to offer my sincerest condolences to those affected by the shooting in Las Vegas. On behalf of Phi Kappa Sigma, I express our sympathies to the families and friends of those affected by this tragedy. If anyone is aware of a Phi Kap directly affected, I encourage you to let the Fraternity's staff know by emailing or calling our office at 610-469-3282.


As you know, school is back in session (and for some it is already time for midterm exams), which means many of our undergraduate chapters are and will be busy recruiting the next class of Phi Kaps. Join me in welcoming all our new members as they begin their journey toward initiation and lifelong development into brothers, scholars, leaders, and gentlemen.

On behalf of staff and everyone on the Executive Board, I want to congratulate all our chapters, especially those that are seeing huge improvements in the quality and quantity of their recruiting. Most of you understand recruiting is not just a numbers game, that the quality of man we welcome into our ranks should be considered just as strongly, and you have risen to that task. I have no doubts that with strong recruitment will come a strong focus on academic achievement, personal development, service, and outreach to Phi Kap alumni everywhere. Keep up the awesome work!

I’m overjoyed by the momentum with which our undergraduates are entering the fall term. Some chapters have doubled their rosters; others are already hosting successful philanthropy events. My advice to our undergraduate members is to bring that same energy into your recruitment, your studies, and the management of your chapters, and you will continue to grow and be successful.

On a larger scale, Phi Kappa Sigma is expanding, as well. Many of our individual chapters continue to grow, and we are committed to securing charters for our colonies at Texas Tech, McDaniel, Oklahoma State, and Vanderbilt by the end of this year. Additionally, we hope to open colonies at Auburn, Texas Christian University, Virginia and Virginia Tech as soon as possible.

As a side note, our ambitious expansion goals can only be met with the right staff. If you are a recent graduate interested in becoming a Phi Kappa Sigma expansion consultant, visit, and submit an application today.

Carroll K. Simons Institute

Over the summer, Phi Kappa Sigma hosted the third Carroll K. Simons Institute (CSI). Over fifty undergraduates, alumni, and staff came together just outside Cincinnati to share best practices for things such as event planning, financial management, and alumni engagement. I want to thank the chapters who sent a representative to CSI, the alumni who volunteered to be presenters and facilitators, and staff for organizing the entire thing. 

I especially want to thank the Alpha Epsilon Chapter’s Educational Society for funding CSI biennially since 2013, so our members have this opportunity to come together to learn and network. The results of programs like CSI and Men of Honor become apparent when I see the effort that goes into chapters’ recruiting efforts, academic program development, and public relations.

Organizational Change & Executive Director Search

And lastly, I want to let all of you know that the Fraternity's Executive Committee is opening a search for a new Executive Director, as the current Executive Director, Timothy Schug, will take on a new role overseeing all administrative and technical operational aspects of Fraternal activities.

In his new role, Tim will be responsible for the development, implementation, and improvement of Phi Kappa Sigma’s holistic leadership, educational, and risk management programs, serving both undergraduate and alumni alike, in the spirt of Phi Kappa Sigma’s commitment to lifelong learning and growth of all members.  His role will also serve as the Fraternity’s de-facto chief technology officer, responsible for the development, implementation, and improvement of all technical infrastructure to support undergraduates and alumni members worldwide.

Tim has served selflessly as Executive Director since 2015, having previously served as Director of Chapter Operations as well as Director of Chapter Services, since first joining the Headquarters staff in 2012.  In his various staff roles, Tim has been an instrumental part of nearly all the Fraternity’s key initiatives over the past five years.

During his tenure as Executive Director, Tim has driven the organization to new levels of success, particularly around the development of educational and risk management programming, the improvement of operational efficiency, and the dramatic overhaul of utilized technology and infrastructure.  Under Tim’s leadership, the Fraternity has seen the continued growth and development of the Men of Honor Leadership Institute, as well as the development and successful implementation of the brand-new Carrol K. Simons Leadership Institute, both of which are key components of the undergraduate Phi Kappa Sigma experience.

Most recently, Tim lead the acquisition of a new long-term headquarters building in the Indianapolis area in June 2017, as well as the successful relocation from Philadelphia, where Phi Kappa Sigma HQ has been historically located since the Fraternity’s inception.

As you all know, Brother Schug has been a critical part of our Headquarters staff for years, helping us to see new successes, and weathering challenging times.  Amidst an ever-changing fraternal landscape, Tim has been the constant, positive, driving force in our organization.  We are excited for him to focus on this role, where he can continue to impact our members’ experience through new and unique programs for education, training, and leadership development.  There is no doubt that he will be effective given his educational background and wealth of fraternal experience.  As an organization, we are incredibly fortunate to have a unique resource like Brother Schug on our staff.

Candidates interested in applying for the Executive Director position should send a resume and cover letter (including salary requirements) via email to me no later than October 15th, 2017 November 15, 2017. Please click here for the position description.


Mike Palladino (Alpha Nu ’04)

Grand Alpha


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