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My Big Crazy Idea

Posted By Mathew Schlehuber - Expansion Consultant , Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Well, today marks one week before I am scheduled to take the GMAT. If you have any motivation for graduate school, then you know these graduate tests can tend to be a little stressful. So brothers, wish me luck as I prepare this last week. Do you think that a test such as the GMAT, or any other graduate test, has such a profound impact on our ability to make ourselves more competitive after college? Idk, but that is all that I am thinking of at the moment.

My plans are to get into a mid-range MBA program preferably on campus, but I am also entertaining the idea of online classes. After I get my graduate degree; I plan on immersing myself into the homeless non-profit market; assuredly not to stay there. It is a personal belief of mine that non-profits will never see their version of social awareness, nor solve the social predicaments they look to tackle. If you know me on a personal level, you know why I believe this, and have probably had to sit through my rants on the subject. A socially aware mindset is fantastic, and working for a nonprofit shows that you probably care more than others, but by using a nonprofit as the medium of change you are committing to a venture that is less funded and more likely to get bogged down by stereotypes and holier than thou mindsets, and while I have been told I tend to talk in absolutes, my personal experience have led me to believe the former to be true.

Every nonprofit is confined to a limited amount of capital. They receive money from the federal government through donations, so a local homeless shelter only has a set budget e to provide their service to the homeless. When the shelters run out of money they have no more services to render, though they also have access to time, that is donated by volunteers. Volunteers have been the backbone of the nonprofit sector ever since its inception, but unfortunately that is a limited resource as well. These limitations stem from the reasons mentioned earlier, the bottom line is that they cannot scale their product making for a very linear mindset.

Ever since I was a small child I never understood why people lived in alleys and on the sides of streets and highway off ramps. I mean I understood WHY, but I never understood why it was allowed to happen. The homeless are plagued by much more than addiction, they are plagued stereotypes, much like how certain students on our campuses stereotype the Greek community. Regardless of what reason they are homeless I believe that homeless nonprofits will never truly solve the problem and that is why my plan is to get rid of the nonprofit sector. I say we change the way we solve our social problems, I believe it is time for a for profit company that tackles social issues. Yes, I know those supposedly exist, but I am not talking about socially aware companies such as Tom’s Shoes or Ben and Jerry’s. Many of those companies just donate to nonprofits or foundations, what if we created a for profit company that had an IPO, executive boards, shareholder meetings etc.?

Let’s say that this system does exist, take homeless Joe for example. What if we were able to take homeless Joe and introduce him to this new company? We could put homeless Joe through a program, and while he is in the program he not only works for the company (making it money obviously), but now he is able to get an apartment, eventually better healthcare/addiction help as well as an “education” all while gaining work experience. Now I realize there are other factors that play into why people become homeless, each case would need to be analyzed and a different course of action would come into play. It would be a slow start, but once you start making money you just take your profits and put it towards helping homeless Susie and then homeless Jimmy. Then it scales and homelessness is solved, the fun and interesting part would be transforming the company once you actually solved the original social issue.

If you want to know more information, please shoot me an email. is my personal email. I have a diagram set up and a lot of ideas. This has become my obsession the last few years and I would love to talk with anyone that is interested.

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